Having already ruined the rental market, it’s now only a matter of time before Airbnb makes a move on our beloved public toilets and “Agnes Falls public toilets” becomes “modern rustic wooden love shack nestled deep in blue gum forest with waterfall views”. You’d barely need to a put a mattress down to rent this little tacker for $300/night! If only they weren’t such bloody fine structures!

Location: five stars! With the tallest waterfall in Gippsland in a blue gum and wattle forest, the mozzies love it, and so will you!

Cleanliness: five stars! Check out the open-air washing up facilities.

Accuracy: depends on your aim, dunnit?  Ehh? Ehhh? Five stars.

Check-in process: five stars! Best to knock first though.

Value for money: five stars! So good the Deputy Premier put his money where his arse is!

Call the South Gippsland Shire Council and register your pre-emptive objection the commodification of public dunnies today! Support true squatters’ rights!

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