Earlier this year, we somehow found ourselves in Southern NSW.  Naturally we needed to get back to Victoria as soon as possible. The “touring” section of our 1989 Melways assured us that there was a short-cut through to Orbost, and so “the back way” it was.

What followed was three hours of mostly unsealed mayhem: corrugations, tree debris, blind bends, log trucks, and nary a straight section in sight. It was a good thing there were no Ancient Romans in the car—never fond of a corner, they would have vomited after the first bend.

In hindsight we should’ve known something was iffy upon pulling into Bonang.  From the amount of icons next to Bonang on this map, we were expecting a small city, but the only sign that we indeed were in Bonang was this map assuring us that we were. There was not a living human in sight.

What we did see was the general store…

…the post office…

…and a mysteriously well-maintained public dunny.  Some say that, long after the end of human civilization, the Pyramids of Giza will be the last visible sign that we were ever here. But personally, I would put my money on this toilet.

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