How’s the serenity? Better than ever, now that Bonnie Doon has its own Japanese-inspired public toilet. Australians love to visit Japan (and vice versa), undoubtedly because of the fundamental importance of the public toilet to both countries’ National Morale.

Whereas the Japanese public toilet wins in the cleanliness stakes, nothing beats the Australian variety if you’ve just arrived in town and need to find out, via black texta, who the local cockhead is. Not that cleanliness isn’t important—it is! Only, we can’t be arsed, so we get the native fauna to do it for us.

Which is great, because it gives more time to soak up the local history.

“Dad just loved Bonnie Doon. And he reckoned the faster you went the more you saw of it.”

“Dad had a song he used to sing about goin’ to Bonnie Doon. Only he sang it alot. And it was a bit repetitive.”

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