Wine goes in, wine goes out.

Yes, life is simpler in the Yarra Valley. Much like this loo, which proves that modern public toilet design can achieve that wonderful balance of style and simplicity.

It’s a welcome change from the featureless cold grey metallic look of most modern public dunnies, looking as they do like something out of War of the Worlds, with robotic doors and announcements thrown in for that extra bit of sinister.

You can tell this dunny’s a good egg because the local children spontaneously decided to erect a mural and downball court next door.

It depicts, with striking realism, the Dixons Creek Primary School’s yearly mushroom forage.

In 2017, only one child didn’t make it back—a new record! Young Aayden decided he preferred his new form as a chicken slash cat (see bottom-middle-left) and remained in the woods despite the best efforts of Miss Fisher’s tentacles and the search efforts of a magpie lark-themed F-111 fighter-bomber (see centre).

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