Thousands of people head to the Mallee each year to visit the reflective saltwater surface of Lake Tyrrell, yet miss the area’s true attraction—the minimalist symmetry of this low-slung bush block.  Not us!

Actually, we were secretly hoping that this off-the-beaten-track dunny would allow us a glimpse of the elusive mallee fowl. Much to our disappointment/relief this was probably the least fowled part of the Mallee—it was in spotless condition.

One way or another, Sea Lake takes its name from the salty expanse of Lake Tyrrell. The common wisdom holds that it was straightforwardly named  for the resemblance between lake and ocean. Another story tells that an intrepid traveller was so taken by the lake’s beauty that he scribbled up a rudimentary map, an arrow, and the caption “see lake” (this was presumably well before the Lonely Planet).  And the rest, as they say, is history.

They also say that there is nothing more satisfying than a piss with the sun on your back.


  1. Trevor Wright

    The hi lite of the trip from Melbourne to home in Merbein is the obligatory stop for a Rodney Hogg at the Sea Lake potty. If the stalls are full you can always fire off a steaming curry into the hand basin and wash it down with a quick whizz.

  2. Dan the Man

    I live a busy lifestyle so fast food is my main diet. Subsequently my bowels have become over active and require dietary / location planning. My weekly trip from Wentworth to Melbourne sees my brekkie burgers turtle heading just south of Ouyen. With a degree of clenching combined with cautious trouser trumpeting, I can “usually” make it to Sea Lake for a 5 star evacuation experience at the Mallee mud hole (as it is affectionately called by the locals). Here you can unload some brown thunder or lay down a wicked grogan in a relaxing environment. Things can get busy here when the tour buses roll in but you can usually dump a sneaky load in the urinal or basin if the stalls are full. If you are in the area, do yourself a favor and visit brown town when you next visit Sea Lake. You won’t be disappointed (unless i’ve just been there!).

  3. Byron

    I’m thinking that Trev and Dan are referring to the beaut new dunnies in the main street. I can go way back to the old days when the Cox St urinal was a ceramic Twyfords and the only one in town. No mid-stream frights from expanding stainless steel back then! Grandad (Bob Daly) was on the Lion’s committee in the early 60’s when they did the upgrade. Grandma (Nan Daly) used to walk us down to the oval from her house in McManus St to kick the footy. (Nan used to joke that the shire named a town after her). Great times were had in Sea Lake in the 60’s and I’d love a shilling for every time we peeled off the first 3 letters from the McManus St sign.

    1. Mr. Borrie

      Now this is the sort of local history we need! Great stuff. Still working up the gumption to conduct dunny-related interviews with townspeople.

      And certain websites would be happy to pay you a shilling (with photographic evidence) to do a number on that sign again…


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