Who was J.M. Farrall? Do they have an Order of Australia, and if not, why not?

I was stumped. There was nothing on the internet, and no commemorative plaque to be seen throughout all of Strathmerton. We had to get old-fashioned to solve this one—doorknocking.

As I pondered how best to inform Mrs. Borrie we were not going to make it to Cactus Country before closing, but were instead going to find out the source of this poo-tronage by going door-to-door on a 45 degree afternoon, I realised (perhaps wisely) that some mysteries are destined not to be solved.

J.M. Farrall probably understood that public dunnies are not about any single bloke/sheila.  They are instead an expression of community, lovingly brought into being by the public will, desirous of no more than to allow locals and weary travellers to relieve themselves for free in a facility hosed down every third Tuesday by a semi-reliable tradesperson subcontracted to the Shire.

PS: The takeaway across the road did not know who J.M. Farrall was either, but did sell me a Golden Gaytime at a very reasonable price. I am very happy we went to Strathmerton.

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