Look at this little tacker!

With not one, but two dunnies tucked in here, you’ll have your dacks off faster than you can say “what a great testament to our national ingenuity that even this little wooden number is so expertly designed as to allow for two cubicles, heaps of ventilation, a shared exterior sink to maximise space, and a wee little roof to shield you from the elements as you pretend to wash your hands”.

It shares a space in the King Valley town of Whitfield with this assortment of goodies, including BBQ and picnic facilities, a giant tree stump, and a replica railway shelter.

Responsible for getting all of this done is an organisation that doesn’t muck about. Its name alone reduces by comparison even the most dedicated historical society or progress committee to Federal Government levels of inaction (not counting the National Public Toilet Map which is of course a tremendous initiative).

And the inclusion of “Inc.” on the expertly crafted sign lets you know that the Upper King Valley Action Association means business (well, technically it means it’s an incorporated not-for-profit which is the very opposite of meaning “business”, but who are we to argue with ourselves?)

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