Aristotle teaches that “flourishing” is the true goal of existence. Flourishing is achieved when something completely fulfils its essential nature. A pot of beer flourishes when it is served in a frosty handle glass in a country pub on a 40-degree day. A cat flourishes when it goes meow, spews up the moth it just ate, and walks all over your keyboard, deleting your previously well-thought out post and forcing you to resort to Ancient Greece just to write a few hundred words about a beachfront shitter.

Anyway, here at Williamstown Beach is a dunny that Aristotle would be proud of. With roughly hewn bluestone walls, adequate airflow, few moving parts, and middling sanitation, it is a flourishing public toilet in all respects.

Aristotle also said that the whole is more than the sum of its parts (as anyone who has ever tried to make an omelette can attest), and here we see the local cricket ground and some heritage cypress completing this paragon of public convenience.

Finally, some may claim that asbestos-riddled sheeting is the cause of this highly unusual loo roll placement, but we have it on good authority that it was set up in the Aristotelian tradition to promote a bit of casual calisthenics while on the bog. Healthy body, healthy mind!


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