Last year, the Public Toilets of Victoria unwilling research department travelled to the Glenelg River for a leisurely canoe trip, only to be met with 80km/h winds, thunderstorms on the horizon, and questionable canoeing skills.

We were in quite a sorry state—South Australia, as it turns out—as our knowledgeable hosts recommended we put in at Donovans Landing, located approximately 400 metres over the border.

This increased our trepidation even further. Not only was there the matter of the four crates of fruit fly-infested pears (our rations for the next three days) that we now had to smuggle across the border, but there was a local bloke fishing at the put-in spot and we hadn’t a single Farmers Union Iced Coffee between us to give as a peace offering.

Naturally the thing to do was to kill some time and visit this fine vented besser block facility, which even provides parking for boat trailers, allowing you to offload some cargo before getting onto the water.

Having done exactly that, we put in with great wobbliness, promptly scared all of the fish within a mile’s radius, and made for the border with some semblance of speed.

Several hours later we passed a sign with rules on it. We were back home!

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