Both the cake shop and the servo in Freshwater Creek won’t let you use their dunny. They’ll send you over the road to the public loo. Good on them! Look at this classic!

Plenty has been written (by us) about the virtues of the doorless zig-zag entryway. Here’s a prime example. Whether you’re in a real hurry and want to barge in without smacking an unwitting punter in the face, are a keen fan of ventilation, or are just feeling limber in the hips and want to go for a totally handless wee, this design is the way to go. Doors just get in the way!

Like many good public toilets it’s got a community hall and rec reserve immediately next door.

There’s plenty to explore—or not explore, as is pictured below. Larrikin spirit, sadistic trick, or incompetent design? You be the judge!

Come for the cakes; stay for the public facilities.

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