“The new dunny block’s a bit dull.  I should repaint it hey?”

“Nah. Put a tree in.”

And there you go—good things come to those who wait. It’s the same with Seymour itself, which started out in 1839 as a pub and a boat on the banks of the Goulburn river. That pub and boat soon became indispensable to Melbourne–Sydney travellers, and so Seymour got itself a train line, an army base, and of course, this public loo.

Travelling up the Hume? Public Toilets of Victoria sez: get off the highway! See some towns! They’re as full as a school’s hat rack with liveliness and soul, especially when the alternative is those bloody awful highway “service” centres which stink to buggery of soggy chiko rolls and faded dreams.

Case in point: this loo sits outside the most unassuming yet friendly IGA in all of Victoria. There we were, minding our own business in the Nippy’s iced coffee aisle, when the proprietor comes up for a greeting and a chat. She knows a connoisseur when she sees one.

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