I have had many good ideas, but Public Toilets of Victoria: Night Edition is probably not one of them.

During the day, one can usually get away with taking pictures of dunnies.  You just hold your phone up to your nose and pretend you’re doing something inane, like looking for Pokemon or jabbing out misspelled comments on Seven News’ Facebook page. Either way, bystanders will keep their distance.

But at night it is a different kettle of shit.  Loitering around a dunny taking pictures is a sure-fire way to attract not only the attention of the local constabulary, but also of your more conservative relatives that had their suspicions about this project from day one.

But your correspondent is nothing if not dedicated to the cause.  Even a sky ominous enough to keep Blackbeard in port was no barrier.  Think of the dramatic composition opportunities! #nofilter

There was also the small matter of a session at the Marysville Pub that left me no choice but to perform my Natural Duties.  The results were terrific. Both pub and pooper were rebuilt following the terrible 2009 Black Saturday bushfires, and I am pleased to report that both facilities are more than deserving of Mr. Borrie’s “seal of appooval”.

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