It is only through the actions of the right person at the right time that the narrow path to greatness is found. The fax from the local residents’ association had barely cooled when our heroic muralist, whose name escapes me for the time being, seized the opportunity that some wait a lifetime in vain for, and promptly painted on the town dunny a couple of lumberjacks dropping some giant logs.

Purists will argue that this is entirely a reference to Millgrove’s history of timber milling, and not some juvenile allusion to borries of the implacable variety.

But this, for mine, is nonsense.  Have a Captain Cook at the cocksure way in which these proud woodsmen are depicted posing next to their enormous logs—it conjures up shades of from the earlier, more useful days of the internet.

While the logs used to be brought to town on the old Lilydale-Warburton railway, these days the Lilydale-Warburton rail trail, running right behind the dunny, ensures (from desperate cyclists) an ample supply of logs.

It is indeed a place you’d be proud to call home!

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