General spookiness seems to have been on the out since the closure of Dracula’s restaurant last year—so we thought we’d turn things around by featuring a dunny that is, frankly, more unsettling than a chicken vindaloo the night before your wedding.

This old, long disused (we hope) stone dunny  lies halfway up the slopes of Mount Donna Buang, at the start of the scenic Acheron Way to Marysville.  That road was opened in 1929 to much motoring fanfare, and we expect this loo was put in soon after.

Usually your standard public toilet is haunted only by the ghost of undercooked christmas prawns. This one, however, likely has several bonafide human ghosts kicking about.

Here is an excellent way to make public toilets safe and welcoming for women: a lone ‘W’ scrawled by hand into dank, mossy brickwork. Right this way!

So come and recreate 1929’s most exciting car journey!  Who knows, you might never want to leave…

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